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Funky Chunking

Funky Chunking

Key Points

This strategy is about supporting your student by breaking tasks and activities up into smaller chunks. Children who struggle to pay attention do better when they have less to remember at any one time.

  • Teacher planning
  • Everyday use with toolkit student
How is this tweaked for flex?

Children who struggle with attention or impulsivity often lose track of what they are supposed to be doing in school and cannot find their place to get re-engaged if too much information is presented at once. Giving them one thing to do, or smaller chunks of  of tasks that they can complete will help to motivate and engage them with learning. To keep up motivation, there needs to be a fine balance between challenge and success

  • Chunking learning is important. Watch the video and complete the short quiz on chunking learning to test your knowledge
  • Use the suggestions sheet to get some ideas for what you could change in order to chunk work into smaller bites
  • Thinking about the child that you are using the toolkit with, use the planning sheet to lay out ideas for what you can break down for them
  • Look at your lesson plans for the week and note where you will be using this chunking method
  • Each day, use your new chunking ideas with the student
  • Use the reflection template to note which ones go well and which do not
  • After a few days, look at the reflection template and decide what changes you might need to make to your chunking plan. You can use the review sheet to formalise this
  • Plan how you will remember to keep using this strategy