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Organisation revelation

Organisation revelation

Key Points

This strategy is to support your student so they have what they need for different activities throughout the school day. Over time it should help your students to self-organise and keep track of their belongings or the things they need through having a system to follow. There is another strategy in this module (Have I got my stuff) which can be used along with this to help the student know where to find their things.

How is this tweaked for flex?

Children who flex is designed for will lose things or not be able to keep track of them. As they get older, they will need to learn a system to do this more independently. This strategy starts using a system to scaffold organisation, and the student can take ownership of this over time

  • Use one of the organisation point or prompt templates to lay out the activities the student does at school that need different things. Add headings (e.g. English, maths, PE)
  • We've put some options below with different themes, an example, and prompt sheets with different amounts of time and detail, depending on your student's needs
  • Select icons that capture what the student will need, or make your own, and customise the organisation point template to reflect the students’ timetable
  • Look through the planning ahead lesson and idea for activity and see if this is something you can do with your class
  • Complete the planning ahead lesson or activity with the student or the class (optional)
  • Introduce the organisation point or prompt sheets to the toolkit student or class: they could customise it if you have time
  • Agree together where you should put the organisation point (e.g. a digital copy on their tablet home screen; on the wall close to their desk or drawer). 
  • Be sensitive to whether it may make the student stand out and whether you could use it with the whole class instead
  • At the start of each day or at a transition time, bring the students’ attention to the organisation point, and ask them what they will need for the next activity
  • Support them to assemble these things. Ensure any other classroom staff also use this approach 
  • To start with, the student may need a lot of reminding and support to use the organisation point, use the point sheets and prompt sheets to remind you to remind them!
  • Hopefully after a few days or a couple of weeks they will be able to use this in a more self-directed manner, with you occasionally prompting them to consult their sheets
  • After a week, reflect on whether using this helping the student to be more prepared
  • What unexpected obstacles are coming up? Use the reflection template and think with your SENCo or a colleague, the student and their family, about how you can overcome these