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Do you really know me?

Do you really know me?

Key Points

Strategy for staff to complete to think about and change how you interact with the toolkit student, making the classroom a more positive place for both of you

How is this tweaked for flex?

It can be hard to remember a child's needs and be consistently positive with them in a busy classroom. Sometimes you may feel negatively about a child, as they can require a lot of input. This strategy is to encourage you to acknowledge and reflect on the challenges so that you can make a positive plan of action going forward

  • This strategy is for you to complete as a staff member, to impact on how you interact with the toolkit student
  • It will help you to keep in mind a student's unique strengths and difficulties when you work with them in the classroom, which should make it a more positive place for both of you
  • Complete the What kind of teacher am I? sheet and think about how you can use the strengths you identify more in your interactions with the toolkit student
  • Work through the short quiz
  • Based on your quiz answers, visit the Know about attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity area and access the learning snippets we suggest
  • Complete the fact or feeling sheet to untangle situations and the emotions that surround them
  • Finally, decide on five things that you will try to do differently (or do more of) based on what you have learned about yourself and the student
  • Note these on the five intentions sheet, keep this somewhere visible so you remember to try and use them
  • Try and implement your intentions for a week, then look at the reflection template and note how well each of them have gone
  • What could help you to do the intentions more or better? Consider setting a reminder or prompt for when you are likely to need to use them
  • Talk about your learning and the changes you are making with colleagues or your SENCo
  • Over time, consider if you need to change or update any of your intentions.