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Teacher for Ten

Teacher for Ten

Key Points

This activity is designed to allow the student you are using the toolkit with to share their experiences and ideas with their peers. It will also support other students to do the same, promoting an inclusive classroom.

How is this tweaked for flex?

Children who flex is designed for may feel different from their classmates, and for some, the opportunity to tell others about what makes them different can be really helpful in terms of acceptance and friendships

  • This is a class or group activity, not an individual activity. Identify when you want to use this in your classroom
  • The teacher for ten activity planning outlines the steps that you will need to take
  • Introduce the idea of “teacher for ten” to your class. Each student (or selected students) will have the opportunity to be the teacher for ten minutes over the next few weeks. It doesn’t actually have to take ten minutes- it can be two or three 
  • Ask students to think about what they want to teach their peers, you can use the teaching brainstorm templates (several options below)- it can be linked to current topics/learning or be around teaching others more about themselves
  • Set a home-based task using one of the teaching planning templatefor the student to think through further. You could alternatively do this in class time, and have other students help each other prepare
  • Use the lesson planning template to organise how they will deliver their teaching
  • Arrange when the student will do their teaching, and support them to deliver it to the class
  • Facilitate a discussion and Q&A with the students following the teaching
  • Use the reflection template to think about how the session went, and the good or less-good things that happened
  • If you were to do it again, what would you change?
  • Ask the student what they thought of being teacher for ten, and over the next few days reflect with them on whether it has changed anything for them