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Learning my way every day

Learning my way every day

Key Points

This strategy is about finding different ways for students to demonstrate their learning, it will be useful for students who struggle to complete work in the format that is usually used for the class

How is this tweaked for flex?

Students who flex is designed for may not finish work, or refuse to even try. Something that works one day may not work the next, so this strategy helps you play to their strengths and build in variety

  • This strategy is about changing how the student you are using the toolkit with can demonstrate their learning
  • When you are planning your lessons for the week, use the formats of work template to identify what format you are planning at the moment
  • Work with the student and use the things you already know about them to think through what their preferred formats of work would be, and why and include these in the record keeping template
  • Select from a range of alternate formats that might allow the student to demonstrate their learning better using the formats of work template  
  • Develop the alternate format resource you need for the toolkit student for that lesson ahead of time, then use it in the lesson
  • Use the reflection template to think 
  • Once you find a format your student likes, it can be tempting to stick with it. However, variety is important or they will disengage and get bored! Use the keep it varied template to help
  • Reflect on the formats that have worked well, and consider how you can plan in keeping this varied as you go forward.
  • about how this went the first few times you did it.